February 25, 2010

Character Sketch, Week Five

Here are a few sketch cards I did for a charity event. I experimented with colored ink on these. The colors are a little off on the scans, hopefully I'll get around to digitally color correcting them eventually. Enjoy.

February 18, 2010

Character Sketch, Week 4

I'm a huge sports junky and when the Olympics roll around, Summer or Winter, it's hard to pull me away from the constant coverage. Here is a quick sketch I did last night while watching Shaun White dominate the men's half pipe event and win gold. Go Team USA!

February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

So, in the spirit of love and Valentines Day I thought I'd use this weeks brush pen exercise as an opportunity to create a fun card. I also couldn't resist adding a bit of digital color. Hope you like it.

February 6, 2010

Character Skecth, Week Two

Here's this week's sketch. I call this one Beach Pizza.

Character Sketch Week One

I did this sketch on the Plane from Nashville to Chicago. I guess I was sort of inspired by all the country music paraphernalia in the Music City's Airport.

Weekly Character Sketch

Over the Holidays I met with my thesis advisor and top notch cartoonist, Andy Runton, who introduced me to my favorite new tool the Japanese brush pen. I've always thought brush suited my style best and the brush pen provides a similar quality line in less time and with less mess.

Here is a drawing I did and Andy inked to demonstrate the simplistic and elegant line you can get from a brush pen. As a result of this demonstration I've decided to draw and ink one character sketch a week in order to hone my skills with the brush pen.